With all the different species of tortoises at the show, I decided to perform an experiment. It\'s been said that African species fall faster than European species. Well after multiple trials, Galileo was again proven right. African and European species fall at the same rate (actual acceleration was calculated at 9.8 meters per second per second. You can see the full results in the well known: Journal of Irreproducible Results). Of course there were quite a few fatal injuries during the trials (science is a tricky business, you can\'t make an omelet without killing a few tortoises). Fortunately I had my trusty copy of Ernest Liner\'s book: The Culinary Herpetologist. So, Sunday night dinner included: Russian Tortoise Kebabs (pg 232), Sulcata in Jelly (pg: 240), Greek Tortoise in Grape Leaves (pg: 269), Braised Leopard Tortoise with cumquats (my favorite, pg: 274).
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