The Gray-Banded Kingsnake (Lampropeltis alterna) was the second snake I ever bred, about 25 years ago. These gray, red and black ophidians inspired a true modern snake cult. Every spring, hundreds of snake crazed, beer guzzling guys (and a few girls) from all walks of life, cruise Southwest Texas back roads in pursuit of these pretty lizard eaters. They resemble professor Henry Higgins, not in the ability to detect subtle nuances in London dialect, but in the pride they take in identifying the specific locality that a snake was caught by differences in pattern and color. They say things like: \"Oh, you must have picked that up at the Southern end of route 277.\" or \"Reds like that only come from the Christmas Mountains.\" or \"Did you see that donkey drink that beer?\" These guys had names like: Sipperley, Boyden, Appledoor, White, Schnite, etc. Anyway, enough, I rambling.
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