Herpetology Related Publications by Mark Wolfson MD.

Most of the articles and stories are text files in PDF. Scanning the original published magazine copy, with photos included, resulted in multi-megabyte files. A few of the one page articles are scanned originals.


Probably the only fiction story ever written in which a snake is the protagonist

Sonoran Herpetologist 2007 20(7) 
In The Dark, All Snakes Are Gray

This is a humorous (in retrospect anyway) account of me getting bitten by an Arizona Coral Snake 

Arizona Highways 2005;(81)11:40
Lizard Catching: A New Olympic Sport? 

A romp through my childhood and adulthood lizard catching days and of teaching my son to master the noose. Also included a narrative how to guide to catching lizards

The Keeper 2005;(9)1,8
Window Herping in Tucson

A humorous account of the 15 different species of herps that I have seen through the windows of my house over the years. The number has grown since the 2002 article

Reptiles Magazine 2002;(10)3:88-91
Reality Bites: Rattlesnake Envenomation, an Evolutionary Perspective

This was a narrated day in my life when I was treating rattlesnake bites. It also got into some serious conjecturing about the evolution of rattlesnake venom and how it impacts modern medical treatment

Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist 2001;(6)9:38-45
Humidify Those Herps  Pg2

Back when I was breeding Chondros I figured out how to connect a dryer hose  to an ultrasonic humidifier and run the mist in through the top of the cage. The snakes liked it

Vivarium 1999;(10)6:42-43
Disinfecting Equipment from Reptile Enclosures 

This is essentially just a sidebar to the Humidity Article

Vivarium 1999;(6):43
The Herps of Tucson Medical Center Sombrero, 1991;(9):17-18

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